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Lease VS Own


  • Leasing is an efficient and economical method of vehicle acquisition and fleet administration for companies who prefer to conserve capital. Established credit lines can be retained to grow and strengthen your company’s competitiveness in the marketplace.

  • With an accurate lease structure, you pay for only actual usage as opposed to the entire cost of asset.

  • Enhanced cash flow and Favorable Tax treatment can be achieved with a lease format.


  • Vehicle ownership requires a substantial investment in time, money, staff and equipment-costs which the lessor spreads over time and over many vehicles.

  • Reduction of overhead for its customers.

  • For companies who prefer ownership, Fleet One provides cost-controlling fleet management services to reduce administrative management of vehicles.

Items to Consider:

Can Leasing impact the “Bottom Line?”


  • No large cash outlays or down payments required

  • Retain credit lines for growth opportunities.

  • Vehicle financing covers 100% of cost

  • Favorable Tax treatment potential

  • Budgetable expense-predictable monthly cash flow

  • Capital outlay is only for portion of vehicle used

  • Choice of financing options and terms

  • Availability of multiple financing sources

  • Annual Credit Lines established

  • Applicable taxes paid in future dollars over term of lease

  • Lower costs through lessor's volume purchasing/Incentives negotiated with Manufacturers.


  • One source supplier for vehicles, and required Fleet Management services.

  • Unrestricted choice of Manufacturers and models

  • Vehicle Selection expertise

  • Remarketing/Disposal services

  • Lessor responsible for:

  • License, title, insurance compliance

  • Manufacturer recalls

  • Applicable tax administration

  • Maintenance and repair costs controls

  • Rental/pool car programs

  • Emergency vehicle replacements

  • Consolidated monthly billing

  • Control over corporate image   

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